Thank you for your interest in joining our Board as a Non-Executive Board Member.

This is an exciting moment in our history, and you’ll be joining us as we are implementing huge changes, which will transform the services we offer our customers, as well as the experience of our 6,800 staff.

Introduction from Neil Sachdev- Chair of HM Land Registry

About HM Land Registry

For 160 years HM Land Registry has served as the critical institution protecting the right to property and enabling the market to operate. By keeping the definitive and guaranteed record of property ownership in England and Wales, we allow property to be transacted securely and with confidence. We hold one of the largest transactional geospatial property databases in Europe and provide some of the most useful and valuable property information to enable a truly data-driven economy. We hope that as you browse this microsite, you are as excited about the opportunities ahead as we are.

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Our Strategy

In 2022 we launched a new strategy setting out our vision for a world-leading property market as part of a thriving economy and sustainable future. The strategy sets out HMLR’s key priorities divided into five pillars: providing secure and efficient land registration; enabling property to be bought and sold digitally; providing near real-time property information; providing accessible register data; and leading research and accelerating change with property market partners. The strategy is underpinned by our three year business plan which provides a detailed framework for how HMLR intends to achieve its goals.  The business plan is refreshed on an annual basis.

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Our People

After a long period of limited recruitment into our organisation, over the past few years we have made rapid progress to bring in and upskill new staff, to complement our team of land registration specialists. As we end this period of recruitment and growth, we are well placed to enable our workforce to pivot to new ways of working and develop the skills we need to operate in a digital and automated environment.

In addition to having the right expert caseworkers in our organisation, we have invested heavily to strengthen the way teams manage their work, support each other, and deliver an improved customer experience; we now want to move to the next stage and help build a workforce that is performance-focused and more agile for our future.

We are starting to make inroads into the backlog of cases that built up over the pandemic. We recently shifted focus on reducing the age of the oldest applications as these cases were of the greatest concern to our customers. As we accelerate performance in reducing the oldest and often most complex cases within the backlog, we will be able to increasingly use the skills and knowledge of our workforce to focus on reducing the volume of the backlog and continue to improve our offer to our customers.

Our Board is well-established, drawing on a range of executive experiences and non-executive skills acquired across the public and private sectors.